Client Spotlight: Catching Up with EarthLinked Technologies

EarthLinked Geothermal Region Northeast

EarthLinked Technologies unveiled a brand new consumer-centric website in 2015, complete with indexed pages and a responsive format designed and developed by Appleton. What has the research and technology company been up to since then? EarthLinked has been heating up the geothermal industry with pinpointed marketing that produces concrete results. With its commitment to providing simple, efficient and effective geothermal technology, EarthLinked enlisted Appleton’s expertise with campaigns, e-blasts, direct mail, SEO optimization, social media, microblogs for the company’s area managers and the launch of a pay-per-click digital advertising campaign.

EarthLinked Technologies serves over 60 countries with EarthLinked Geothermal Renewable Energy Systems, a geothermal heat pump that uses a revolutionary copper earth loop system to effectively heat and cool homes and businesses. The smart, compact design remains cost-effective by reducing traditional energy use and annual maintenance.

In addition to annually refreshing advertising materials, Appleton took EarthLinked’s marketing efforts to the next level with a complete analysis of the company’s SEO and keywords to ensure the website is optimized to the fullest extent. This includes unique industry terminology and refined keyword lists that contain only the most up-to-date industry-related and relevant content. It’s a tactic commonly provided by our digital marketing department to hone target audiences and increase click-through rates for pay-per-click campaigns. Appleton also designed and developed microblogs for regional Area Managers in order to increase their search engine rankings and give HVAC dealers across the nation information about how EarthLinked serves their specific region. Take a look at this microblog for EarthLinked Southeast. As a result of these elevated SEO efforts and robust Google AdWords campaigns, EarthLinked’s website traffic increased by 85% in just one month.

To complement EarthLinked’s new “No Pump” campaign, Appleton designed advertising collateral that aligned with the theme and enticed target audiences to learn more about the systems. The purpose of the campaign was to inform consumers and dealers that no water pump in a traditional HVAC unit could ever be better, or more simple, efficient and effective, than EarthLinked Geothermal Renewable Energy Systems, which contain no pump. Over the past few months, Appleton has created direct mail pieces, print advertisements and e-blasts, as well as social media content to match EarthLinked’s brand and drive awareness, growth and sales for this distinguished research and technology company that is devoted to making life easier for people and planet.

These marketing tactics just dip into the pool of services Appleton offers. The collaboration, strategizing, production and execution by both Appleton and EarthLinked continues to bring EarthLinked Geothermal Renewable Energy Systems into dealers’ hands and installed within consumers’ homes across the United States.

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