Client Follow-up: The Key to Long Lasting Relationships and Continued Business

As the economy continues to slowly improve, many businesses are beginning to experience incremental growth. Not only is it important to bring in new clients, it’s even more important to keep the ones you have and make them feel valued and appreciated.

While it may sound trite, little things really do mean a lot. Here are some tips for following up with clients that will build long lasting relationships:

1.     After a significant interaction with a client, such as the conclusion of a piece of business or a purchase, follow-up with a phone call or personalized email to ask about their experience with your staff and their satisfaction with the end result.

2.     Take care not to be defensive if problems are pointed out, do everything in your power to satisfy your client, and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

3.     Think about what you might provide a client or customer as a “value-added.” Every once in a while, my drycleaner knocks the change off my bill and rounds down. This is literally just cents every time and yet it is one of the things that has kept me a loyal customer for more than ten years.

4.     Outline a schedule of opportunities to reach out to clients. Holidays, birthdays, births, marriages, etc. make excellent times to connect with a card or appropriate gift. If time allows, handwritten notes within the cards are best.

5.     Listen carefully to what your clients say. What do they need? Are you able to fulfill that need? If so, let them know. Sometimes clients are unaware of every service or product offered by your company.

6.     Dedicate time each week to these efforts and over time you will reap the rewards of loyal, satisfied customers and continued business.

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