Central Florida Giving Circle Event

central florida giving circle event

During good times and bad, it is important to have a community full of support. Countless organizations in the Orlando area have created ways of providing this necessity to communities in need. This month, the Central Florida chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) sponsored a panel discussion centered on these charitable ideas, a philanthropy known as giving circles.

Giving circles are an enormously powerful way to impact social change and pave the road for a new frontier in philanthropy. Giving circles use a model of “venture philanthropy,” infusing nonprofits with financial and intellectual capital, resources and contacts. Together, you gain in-depth understanding on the topic, focus on ways the group can have impact, make joint social investment decisions, and leverage your monetary contributions with volunteerism and expertise to the charities you support.

Panel members included JR Tanghal of Guys with Ties, Gigi Moorman of Space to Grow, Rachel Calderon of Central Florida Foundation/100 Women Strong and our own Diana LaRue of Appleton Creative. They spoke to a core group of interested professionals and philanthropists.

The event was held at the UCF CREATE Lab, located at the UCF Center for Emerging Media on March 21st, 2014. For their Central Florida Giving Circle event, panelists spoke about how they developed their giving circle, how their giving circle members contribute, how they decide what needs are in the community, and who will receive their funds, as well as how the funds are distributed.

Appleton Creative maintains it’s own Giving Circle™ piece of art featured in the Appleton Awareness Gallery within our office, created as a way to bring awareness to local causes through art. Each exhibit showcases a body of work inspired by a specific cause in need. We believe that art should be enjoyed and appreciated, and hope the meaning behind the art will create an increased awareness for our community’s needs. Feel free to visit appletonawarenessgallery.com for more information.

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