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Presentation Materials
June 13, 2019

Why Your Business Presentation Materials Matter

While presentations are an essential way to organize ideas, it takes much more than that to deliver a successful pitch. Surprisingly, Your ideas are only half the battle. One of the most important parts of any presentation is the materials you use to back up your pitch. So what materials make a successful business presentation? […]

Landing Pages
June 10, 2019

Land Major Benefits with Video on Your Landing Page

Marketers have wondered, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then how much is video? This philosophical question, along with some hard-hitting statistics, have lead companies to believe that video has the potential to say a lot more. This explains why so many companies are deciding to include video in everything, especially landing pages. Adding […]

I-4 Ultimate Project
May 8, 2019

Get Up to Speed on the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project

We are now in the fourth year of the six-year I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project, and much progress has been made since the project broke ground in 2015. Now that the majority of the past few years have been spent working on underground foundation, drivers will now see rapid improvements above the ground, including bridge formations […]

shutting down Google Plus
April 29, 2019

Why Did Google Plus Shut Down?

It’s official: Google is shutting down Google Plus for consumers. The renowned technology company has waved its white flag on Google Plus, also known as Google+ or G+, and has began its process of deleting all consumer accounts on the platform. But what happened? Why did Google Plus fail? Google Plus’ Beginnings When Google Plus […]

Ways to segment a market
February 25, 2019

Is Your Company Targeting the Right Audience?

When creating marketing strategies for upcoming product or service launches, many companies often attempt to target the entire general public. However, they are unable to determine techniques that successfully attract a wide variety of consumers. Product launches are failing every day due to a lack of market segmentation. By trying to reach customers that have […]

How to use Instagram Stories for Marketing
February 11, 2019

Think Outside the Squares: How to Use Instagram Stories to Grow Your Brand

The days of Instagram solely being a photo and video sharing platform are long gone. With the everchanging climate of digital marketing and social media, relying on static posts isn’t enough for a brand to stay fresh and competitive. Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to post photos or videos for only 24 hours, […]

growing your business through seo
January 28, 2019

Growing Your Business Through SEO

Updated on: January 28th, 2019 Once your business has a website, you may think your online work is done. The web never sleeps and neither should your website maintenance. Experts in SEO seemingly talk in tongues, telling you in cyber-speak what your website needs to succeed. Here’s a crash course in SEO so that you can […]

ADA compliant website
January 22, 2019

Will Your Website Need to Become ADA Compliant?

What is ADA Compliance? ADA stands for the American Disabilities Act, a groundbreaking law passed in the 1990s addressing the needs of people with disabilities and their right to have access to all the advantages and opportunities as those without disabilities. This means that businesses, federal offices and other public realms are supposed to ensure […]

Digital Billboard VS Traditional Billboard
December 10, 2018

Digital VS Traditional: The Best Billboard for Your Business

Out-of-home, or outdoor, advertising is a highly effective form of advertising that includes any type of advertising that reaches a consumer outside of their home (usually when they are in transit, on-the-go or waiting). Walls, vehicle wraps, banners, street furniture and billboards are all examples of outdoor advertising. The most common form of outdoor advertising […]

Google Analytics Guide
December 4, 2018

Your Go-To Google Analytics Guide

Ever wonder who’s visiting your website? Or how about where they’re coming from? Is your website giving them the information they need, or are they exiting your site and looking elsewhere? For questions like these, Google Analytics is the answer, and we have your beginner’s guide to analytics in this dynamic platform. What is Google […]