Content Marketing 101: Tips for Writing Articles That Build Your SEO

If you’re looking for a sign to develop a strategy for effective digital writing, this is it. Businesses are trying harder than ever to boost their search engine rankings, but it can be difficult to find a balance between good content and good analytics. To help your blog find that happy place, we put together the ultimate guide to writing articles that fit your audience and build your search engine optimization, or SEO.

Don’t Cram Your Keywords

In terms of SEO, a keyword is a word or phrase that sums up the content of a webpage. Keywords should help match your articles to search queries. If you have a list of keywords to utilize in your SEO strategy, don’t try to fit every last one into each article. It’s much more important to use these words as springboards for your content. Once you have an idea of what you want to write about, the keywords you’re meant to use will fit in just fine.

Know When to Use Keywords with High/Low Monthly Searches

Be sure to pick your keywords carefully. Certain keywords are used in search engine queries more often than others. Keywords with high monthly searches are going to be very competitive and might require you to include them in multiple articles over time to boost rankings. Keywords with low monthly searches will get you less traffic, but the tradeoff is usually that this traffic is more qualified.

Link Logically

If you plan on using links in your articles, make sure you’re giving them the proper background information. Even if you’re just linking to another website, you still need to introduce and summarize the link in your own article. Random links with no context could immediately discredit your site.

Keep it Clear, Concise and Natural

Start by picking one topic and sticking to it. Keeping your article focused on one central point is crucial if you want people to find it and read it. The sweet spot for blog posts is around 300 to 500 words. This gives you enough wiggle room to include your most important content without boring your readers with too much information. Most importantly, the best way to get your blog posts noticed is to produce worthwhile content for your audience. Write naturally for the people you’re targeting, and your SEO will build organically.

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