Brain Crush 2016: A Mind-Bending, Mood-Altering, Color-Coordinated Meeting of the Minds

Orlando's Appleton Brain Crush 2016

Whether you missed out on this year’s festivities or you want to relive the entire party, you can browse through this year’s party photos and find out the answers to our Lucky 13 Trivia by visiting our Brain Crush website.

There’s no better way to show appreciation for someone’s intelligence than by throwing them a party! But not just any party … a Brain Crush party. Appleton Creative’s annual Brain Crush is held as a celebration of the people with whom we’ve developed a crush (on their brains, that is). Whether it was an intellectual conversation, a great brainstorming session or just something that struck our fancy, this marvelous night is a meeting of the minds that serves as more than just your average networking event.

On Thursday, January 28th, guests were treated to various mind-bending and brain-stimulating activities. The rooms were themed to match five different emotions, each with a corresponding color to represent the feeling.

Laughter filled the first floor as Brain Crushers walked into the orange comedy lab, grabbed a drink, ate some edible funny bones and told jokes. And while admiring our great big wall of memes, guests couldn’t resist acting out to play a game of digital charades. Down the hall, only the most daring of guests entered the purple rooms of doom, where they were offered a not-so-tasty snack of flavored crickets and worms. Not to mention the terrifying adventure into a 3D immersive reality insane asylum. Right upstairs, guests washed their worries away and entered a state of serenity in the blue room with a comforting masseuse and a psychic who saw into their future of emotions. Next door, love was in the air and red made quite the lair at our infatuation station. Aphrodisiacs sprinkled the tables and party-goers learned about the three types of Greek love: agape (love for humanity), eros (passionate love) and storge (family and friendship love). Saving the best for last, the color of happiness lit the room bright yellow as people danced through the flipbook station and took home their own animated book to remember us by.

Thank you John Michael Exquisite Weddings & Catering for fueling the party and Macbeth Photo for helping capture the mood.

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