Brain Crush 2014: Love at First Synapse

Brain Crush 2014

Have you ever just wanted to hug someone’s brain? It happens to us all the time. The Third Annual Appleton Brain Crush was a mind-boggling party for the books. There’s nothing better than a house full of geniuses. Guests were treated to a palm reader, nitrogen ice cream, dining in the dark, augmented reality, an imagination station, trivia that took some serious intellectual prowess and so much more.

If you attended and your head is still feeling a little fuzzy from our Lucky 13 Trivia, here are the correct answers to put your mind at ease:

  1. What is Scotland’s national animal? Unicorn
  2. What is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia? Ice cream headache/brain freeze
  3. How much food will you consume in your lifetime? 35 tons
  4. What popular drink is known to improve memory and reduce your risk of depression? Coffee
  5. The brain accounts for only 2% of your weight but consumers how much of your body’s energy? 20%
  6. Which fruit is a member of the rose family and comes in over 7,000 varieties? Apples
  7. How long would it take you to watch every YouTube video? 1,000 years
  8. How many pages would it take to print a single day’s worth of tweets? 10 million
  9. Which part of a website produces 434% more indexed pages? Blog
  10. The word “verb” is ironically what part of speech? Noun
  11. Which insect has a transparent stomach? Ant
  12. What color helps boost creativity? Blue
  13. How many apps are in the Apple Store to date? 1,200,000

Did dining in the dark rock your senses? When you put your taste buds to the test, this is what you ate! Secret menu provided by John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering.

  1. Lemon cupcake
  2. Apple lavender muffin
  3. Cauliflower quiche

Visit to take an extraordinary journey.

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