We’re REPping Your New Family-Friendly Go-To

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of The REP. In case you weren’t aware, that’s the Orlando Repertory Theatre. Since we can’t see your hands, although we’re sure everyones hands are excitedly raised, we’ll give you a little more info just for fun. The REP is a family-friendly theatre in partnership with the University of Central Florida that brings all generations together for some good, well-rounded fun.

The Orlando Repertory Theatre is a magical place filled with musicals, youth academy programs and field trips for children. Musicals and plays are available for wholesome entertainment that captures the hearts of the whole family; member of all ages will feel right at home. It also has the resources for teachers who want to get their students involved in the wonderful world of troupe.

To elicit excitement for this amazing theatre and its feel-good mission for families, it enlisted Appleton Creative to help spread the word about The REP and it’s programs. Appleton created and produced a 30-second commercial called “Creating Moments that Matter” to highlight what The REP has to offer families and children. We will be collaborating more in the future to show families all the joy they can experience at Orlando Repertory Theatre.

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