Tips for Social Media Success by Dr. Massiah

Dr. Carolyn Massiah Dean's Speaker Series UCF

Technology, and social media specifically, never stop evolving. That’s why this month’s Dean’s Speaker Series focused on social media branding and best practices. The Dean’s Speaker Series is a monthly event held by the UCF College of Business that gives attendees the opportunity to learn about the provocative and new programs that UCF faculty are spearheading, researching and teaching.

This month’s event featured a captivating presentation by Dr. Carolyn Massiah, a marketing lecturer at the University of Central Florida and prominent researcher of social media and marketing. Dr. Massiah taught the importance of posting the right amount of content, stating that 70% of a company’s posts should be content of their own creation, 20% is the sharing of others’ content, and the final 10% is self-promotional. Along with the quantity, Dr. Massiah also expressed the significance of the actual content being posted. It should start or enhance dialogues, be shareable, drive visitors to your site, be visual in nature, and feature fun facts or timely news. Additionally, she concentrated on the quantity of posts, relying on exact numbers for the greatest benefit. For example, Twitter deserves 2-3 posts per day, 7 days per week, whereas Facebook only warrants 3-4 posts per week, Monday through Friday.

Appleton designed Town & Gown’s official e-blast invitation for the recurring event. Appleton’s Creative Principal, Diana LaRue, and Graphic Designer and Social Network Coordinator, Jennifer Graven, were also in attendance. We’re looking forward to the next speaker, Dr. Bob Porter, and plan to continue attending the event in the name of higher education.

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