The Proof is in the Pudding: The International Corporate Chefs Association Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

ICCA Summit

The International Corporate Chefs Association (ICCA) has a lot on its plate as it celebrates its 15th anniversary. Our long-time partner, which caters to chefs from the top 200 foodservice operations, provides members with exclusive networking opportunities, as well as a chance to stay up-to-date with the hottest industry trends. Because Appleton has been producing videos for ICCA since 2002, our video team has been able to document its impressive history by traveling around the country and recording its progress. Our corporate video production team has accumulated so much footage, we’ve created the 15th anniversary video to commemorate this impressive milestone.

The 15th Anniversary ICCA Summit was held in Portland, Oregon from June 25-28. Throughout the years, summits have allowed members and sponsors to educate themselves about a wide variety of techniques and philosophies because the events are held around the United States. In the past, summit locations have included Nashville, San Diego, Seattle, Miami and Charleston. These summits present attendees with a one-of-a-kind experience by giving them the opportunity to taste some of the most innovative cuisines in the country, as well as listening to award-winning chefs who dish on the latest industry trends. Most importantly, the ICCA summits encourage guests to network with some of the largest names in the business, such as Barilla America, Inc., Dole and MARS Foodservices.

We’re immensely proud of ICCA’s success throughout the past 15 years. Creating videos for this thriving group has allowed us to witness the tremendous amount of hard work that has contributed to its significant growth and development. Our corporate video production team is looking forward to creating even more videos for this influential association.

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