The problem with your website

“We hired a friend of a friend to do our website for cheap. And he did an okay job, but … “ [insert any of the following]:

  • The design is too simple and makes our company look sub-par
  • The site doesn’t function
  • He has disappeared
  • Our business has outgrown its paint-by-numbers website

With 148 million US consumers aged 14 and older making one or more on-line purchases (eMarketer) and 78% of the US population using the Internet as a tool, it becomes clear that simply having a website is no longer enough. If you are going to compete in the cyber marketplace, you need to treat your website as if it’s a corporate headquarters.

So what does a good website do for you?

1. Leaves an impression: If someone with no prior knowledge of your company was to visit your site would they have a positive experience?

2. Clearly explains what the company does: Prospective customers have a limited attention span and don’t want to work to figure out what your group actually does.

3. Keeps it clean and simple: In the web world, it’s easy to lose focus on what truly matters by adding clutter and over information.

4. Functions: It’s amazing how many non-functioning websites exist – it’s like owning a taxi service with only half of the fleet working.

5. Responds: Your website is a face for your business – and it’s also a customer service rep. It’s through a website that a business can get leads, engage customers and interact.

6. Adds some flare: Don’t misconstrue the need for simplicity with the inability to be creative – adding truly usable, functioning and purposeful flare items such as a quiz, game or avatar can add to your customer experience. But beware, it can also clog your site and take away from your mission.

7. Keep you at the top of the Search: The term SEO has warped into an all-encompassing term, but don’t lose site on what it stands for: Search Engine Optimization. With 92% of computer users using search engines (Pew Internet Reports), a good site works to keep you near the top of the list through keywords, updated information and some back-end elbow grease.

8. Utilizes video: A report from University of Mass/Dartmouth reports that although only 33% of INC 500 companies use video, it is 93% successful (the highest of all medias). If you don’t have video on your site, you’re missing out on the #1 influencing source.

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