Take the Driver’s Seat Like a Boss With TBS

TBS Like a Boss ad

TBS aims to provide cash flow solutions, insurance, freight shipping and more for independent truck owners and operators as well as other individuals interested in starting a trucking business. TBS has grown to be a thriving, all-service trucking business getting its start more than half a century ago. Over the past 10 years, Appleton has been supporting TBS with branding, creative marketing ideas and advertising work. With a proud history of completing multimedia TBS advertising campaigns and full-scale branding projects for the trucking company, Appleton once again delivered an impactful advertising campaign for the long-time client.

In our recent project for TBS, our team brought their creative marketing ideas to life and delivered bold, modern and relatable ads that spotlight Truckers Bookkeeping Service, a company under the TBS family of companies. The creative advertising campaign addresses the company’s simple, long-standing business approach. It focuses on how TBS offers free processing authorities and simple solutions for those interested in starting a trucking business. The full-page print ads pair bold design with fearless messaging and are showcased in various leading print and online trucking publications as well as other digital marketing platforms. With the notably powerful “Like a Boss” headline, the print ads speak to those who are looking into how to start a trucking business and hone in on individuals yearning to finally sit in the driver’s seat — literally.

Like a Boss Ad Campaign

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