Seaside on Sight

They say a trip to the bank is no day at the beach. Well, one bank begs to differ. Appleon Creative is thrilled to announce that Seaside National Bank & Trust, the largest de novo, federally-chartered bank in the United States, recently launched their newly redesigned website crafted by our talented team. Seaside now hosts a more polished and user-friendly online experience. To keep the site from sinking, Appleton is excited to carry out website maintenance services as well.

Seaside needed a stronger brand persona online to accurately portray the institution’s distinct and innovative advantages. As a result, the new website features emotional, coastal imagery alongside stirring copy solidifying what Seaside Bank represents—true relationship-based banking.

In addition, Appleton’s video team produced a series of videos to visually demonstrate the 5 virtues that outline Seaside’s strengths: Difference, Promise, Approach, People and Services. These videos were incorporated throughout the new site.


Seaside agreed it was imperative to focus their initial efforts on streamlining their mobile banking process. According to a March 2013 Federal Reserve report, 48 percent of smartphone users said they’d used mobile banking in the past 12 months. With regards to change in banking practices, Appleton created a sleek service-oriented mobile site to better serve existing customer needs. A Seaside mobile app is currently in development as well.

The combination of a refined website, professional-grade videos and the functionality of a mobile site help Seaside customers enjoy a much more dynamic, informative and pleasurable digital banking experience.

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