The Real Royal Wedding Everybody is Talking About

royal wedding

The royal wedding is here! No, we’re not talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but we are fawning over the union of Desmond and Delaney, Appleton’s resident gargoyles. These lovebirds have been dating for seven years, never leaving one another’s side. From the first time they laid eyes on one another, Desmond and Delaney never took each other for granite. They met on a warm summer’s day when Delaney was assigned to guard duty by Desmond. From that point on, their connection has set a rock-solid example of what true love looks like.

Gargoyle wedding

Desmond’s proposal was a quiet yet intimate one. With our backyard providing a beautiful backdrop, Desmond stunned Delaney when he popped the question stone cold. The wedding was a rocking affair with the entire Appleton Creative team in attendance. Desmond and Delaney have announced their honeymoon plans to staycation at Appleton Creative, keeping a vigilant eye on the house. They said they could never fly too far from good old Delaney Avenue.

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