Reigniting Opportunity: The Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida

Pursuing a higher education can be a financial burden for many students across the country. Central Florida resident, Patrick Tubbs formed The Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida, a scholarship granting foundation, to give students an opportunity to explore their talents and fulfill their dreams.

Patrick grew up in Brevard County and graduated from UCF. His experience at UCF allowed him to recognize the impact that higher education made on his life. In 2012, Patrick established the Phoenix Foundation to give others a chance to succeed. The Phoenix Foundation offers three separate scholarships, each one relating to back to Patrick’s life, in one way or another.

Here’s the three scholarships offered:

  • Phoenix Song – a scholarship for students that want to pursue an education in the performing arts field.
  • Phoenix Flight – a scholarship for students that are active advocates or volunteers in the LGBT community.
  • Phoenix Flame – a scholarship for students that have experienced the loss of a parent.

To help spread the word, The Phoenix Foundation needed a website where applicants could learn more about each scholarship option and apply. Appleton Creative designed the new Phoenix site so that applicants could easily access this information and download all the necessary forms. In addition, we incorporated the warm colors from the Phoenix logo to compliment the website’s overall look.

To learn more about The Phoenix Foundation of Central Florida or to apply for one of the Phoenix scholarships, visit

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