Recognizing Exploitation: Raising Awareness to End Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is more common than people think, and it doesn’t affect any one gender or age. In fact, men make up about a quarter of all cases and 50% of all victims are underage. With little public education in place to help children and teens, the company Just Do Something… Anything! (JDSA) decided it was time to take action. Appleton Creative and JDSA brought the message to where the most likely victims go every day, Orange County middle and high schools. News of the campaign reached the governor’s office, and the marketing effort was expanded across the state reaching two million students across 4,000 schools. Crimeline, an anonymous crime reporting service, has also included them as part of their convention display tables. Most recently, they were featured during a joint forum at the Valencia College Criminal Justice Institute.

For this statewide campaign Appleton created copy and visuals that would grab the attention of the target audience, the two million students and potential victims across Florida. The goal of the campaign is to educate students on the signs of human trafficking while helping them realize their value, and information on where to get help. To do this, Appleton studied the demographic and used colors and photos to capture their attention and make the campaign more recognizable. The overwhelming facts and statistics on human trafficking allowed us to create a series of posters with new information on each one. The posters share signs to look for and urge students to take action and report suspected problems to their teachers or a hotline service.


JDSA is dedicated to raising awareness. It partners with other causes to further social change. Aside from the recent human trafficking campaign, it also works on projects for child abuse, healthcare and education. Since its creation, JDSA has helped raise over one million dollars for charity through commercials, PSAs and fundraisers.

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