Online Articles Improve Your Website Ranking, Expand Business Opportunities

Whether you are a bricks-and-mortar business or an online business, competition is tough and business owners must continuously think of new ways to market and advertise their business while distinguishing themselves from the competition. One effective method is writing articles for free online article directories. Articles share your knowledge, position you as an expert in your field, and expose potential clients to you and your business.

Writing articles has an advantage over other online marketing methods in that in doesn’t require special skills. If you don’t consider yourself a writer, identify someone on your staff to assist or hire a freelance writer.

Here are three reasons to write online articles:

1.     Write three or four paragraphs on a topic that is relevant to your business and then submit the finished article, along with a link to your website, to a free article directory like or Repeat this process until you’ve published several articles. Interested readers will visit your website via the included link to look at your products and services and, perhaps, eventually make a purchase.

2.     Many consumers are wary of purchasing unfamiliar products or services. Articles provide an opportunity for you to discuss the benefits of using your product/service and allow the customer to become familiar with you and your business in a no-pressure situation. This approach allows readers to figure out whether a product/service is right for them. In your articles, help them make this decision by discussing the practical uses of your product/service and how it will contribute to their life.

3.     Well-written articles improve your website’s search engine ranking. Most people only look at the top five or ten search results and seldom click to see the next page of results. Your objective is to be among the top search results for key results relevant to your business. If you have numerous articles published online with a link back to your business website, your website’s ranking will naturally improve. In general, the more articles you publish, the better your site ranking. Traffic and sales also should improve.

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