Oldest Printer in Orlando Opens Print Museum: Lawton Printers

Decades before the invention of computers, mp3 players, and iPads, a small family-owned commercial printer opened its doors in Central Florida. Today, Lawton Printers is one of the oldest family-run printing businesses in the country and oldest in Central Florida. The century-old print firm is run by the founding family’s great-great-granddaughter, Kimberly Lawton Koon and her husband Tyler Koon. Together, the couple continues to grow the company through technology, equipment, passion, and youth. In July 2012, Lawton moved their Casselberry location to an amazing 33,000 square-foot facility in the heart of downtown Orlando.

Lawton is celebrating their return to downtown Orlando and 112-year-anniversary on December 12th. Appleton Creative got a sneak peak of Lawton’s new workspace. Yesterday, Kimberly Lawton invited Appleton’s VP of marketing and client relations, Amy Wise to tour Lawton’s Printers Family Print Museum, a room Appleton’s Diana LaRue helped to envision and conceptualize.  The exhibition hosts letterpresses, linotypes, Hamilton wood type drawers, and many other relics from the past.

Stop in and experience the history of print for yourself. Lawton Printers is located at 649 Triumph Court Orlando, FL 32805.

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