No Waste Here! Appleton Designs for Environmental Representatives, EnRep, Inc.

When your customers work in some of the most hazardous environments in the world, there’s no room for error. As a niche service provider, your company must be represented in a knowledgeable, reliable and professional manner across all mediums. That’s why EnRep, Inc., ranked #517 on Inc.’s top 5,000 fastest growing companies, sought out the Appleton Creative design team for a truly brand consistent website redesign.

EnRep Inc. provides environmental and safety-consulting services to environmental management and remediation companies and government programs including the Department of Energy and Lockheed Martin. They assist such organizations with EPA, OSHA, and DOT regulatory compliance and training, engineering, and chemical management.

With this array of services offered in such a finely-focused service arena, EnRep Inc. needed a website that would tell their story clearly and effectively while giving potential clients a definitive idea of their services. The homepage highlights all of their immediate need-to-know information while making further details easily accessible. A scrolling newsroom lets potential clients know that EnRep Inc. stays up to date with all things happening in the industry. The final product is a unique, highly comprehensive, user-friendly website.

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