Lucky Number Seven — Kim’s Appleton Anniversary

Kim Anniversary at a Marketing Company Orlando

As Appleton’s director of finance and operations, Kim Foran keeps this Orlando-based marketing company running smoothly day in and day out. The multitude of client and project money handling is no easy feat, but with over 25 years of accounting experience, Kim makes this job look easy. This month marks Kim’s Appleton anniversary, and since it’s lucky number seven, we sat down with Kim to discover just what makes her tick.

Although Appleton’s entire work space is filled with whimsical creativeness, Kim’s favorite location at the office is the Appleton Awareness Gallery. She appreciates the gallery’s mission to raise awareness of local causes through alternating art exhibits. Kim also enjoys the various events Appleton hosts and participates in, including the annual Brain Crush party where we invite local business leaders and clients to mingle and enjoy our brain-themed event.

As a marketing company in Orlando, Appleton provides the full spectrum of services to ensure our clients’ objectives are reached with efficiency. Digital and traditional marketing, video production, website development and strategic planning are just some of the various services we offer. While our clients focus on the big picture, Kim works to maximize their budget. From Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress and the Boy Scouts of Central Florida to Orlando International Airport and the Central Florida Sports Commission, Kim enjoys the new opportunities and challenges each client brings to the table. As a natural philanthropist, Kim takes pride in performing beyond her accounting abilities. She actively serves on several community boards including JDRF, an organization dedicated to curing Type 1 Diabetes.

Along with the work environment, Kim values Appleton’s considerate and welcoming culture, particularly its dedication to birthday celebrations. Especially memorable moments include a funny birthday shout out from a local drag queen and customized t-shirts and flip-flops for our CEO, Diana LaRue.

Before Kim joined Appleton’s team, she had an enlightening career path, having done financial work in several industries including, manufacturing, professional sports, home healthcare, property management, certified public accounting and now marketing and advertising. Reflecting on her journey, Kim suggests that aspiring accountants and finance directors follow her lead and “experience different accounting fields” to create a well-rounded professional portfolio.

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