Facebook Messenger: What You’re Missing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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At the beginning of 2015, the number of monthly users for the top four messaging apps surpassed the number of monthly users for the top four social media networks. Today, messaging apps have 500 million more monthly users than the top social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook Messenger alone has more than 1.2 billion active monthly users, and messaging apps are gradually becoming the preferred method of communication for more and more people. Interestingly, messaging apps are also ranked second out of the nine modes of communication with businesses, concluding that messaging apps are being used far beyond personal conversations.

Brands and organizations can no longer ignore leading messaging apps. Incorporating Facebook Messenger marketing into your marketing strategy is an efficient way to promote your business while developing strong relationships with your target consumers. Here are three ways Facebook Messenger marketing can be beneficial to your company.

Customer Service

Since its official launch in August 2011, Facebook Messenger has provided an easy (and free) way for Facebook users to communicate with one another. With more than 2 billion monthly active users already using Facebook for personal social media, Facebook Messenger is an opportunity for brands to easily reach out and connect with target consumers. Because of this, whether it’s answering questions or introducing a new product or service, using Facebook Messenger to have a conversation with consumers has become the most effective way to personally market to each consumer in the evolution of conversation for businesses.

Facebook Messenger provides an easily accessible and free mode of communication for customers to directly reach out to your business with any questions and concerns. Because Messenger is fast, mobile-friendly and efficient, it can potentially become an alternative to a Live Chat feature on your company’s official website. Businesses can also categorize conversations with customers and add labels or notes to each individual chat. This makes it easier for your business to review previous interactions with the specific user if they were to contact your company through Messenger again. By offering customers a real-time, one-on-one conversation on a website they are already using, the process becomes easier and much more convenient.

As of April 2016, Facebook has also added chatbots to Messenger for retailers, media outlets and organizatons to further enhance customer servcice using artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots are typically being used to automate tasks and conveniently converse with customers to show a business’ online availability. Chatbots are also an opportunity for your company to incorporate brand values and voice into their Facebook Messenger marketing. Today, there are more than 100,000 chatbots having conversations with customers every day.

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Facebook Messenger is a great opportunity for brands to connect with their customers on a more personal level and can redefine customer service for your company. As a digital marketing agency, we have become experts at crafting the perfect message to reach unique target audiences through any platform.

Content Promotion

Another way your company can benefit from Facebook Messenger marketing is by promoting content, including your other social media profiles.

Distributing content from your company’s website, such as blogs, and promoting other social media profiles through Messenger will allow you to reach a larger percentage of your target audience who are already using Facebook. Your message should be interesting and relevant to your customers. You can also introduce new products, share promotional codes and drive your customers to your company’s website.

With Messenger’s high number of monthly active users, it’s also likely that customer’s using Facebook are not currently following your other social media sites. Facebook Messenger is a great way to lead those customers to your other profiles.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Recently, more and more brands have begun incorporating messenger ad campaigns into their marketing strategies. Sponsored messages and campaigns can easily be sent out to your target audience using Facebook Messenger and with the right message, can lead to increased web traffic. Just like ads seen on your Facebook feed, Messenger ads can be targeted demographically and psychographically to the user, making them relevant, interesting and more likely to be clicked. When it comes to social marketing, You’ll need a  qualified team of experts in creating advertising campaigns that will catch any reader’s attention.

After various tests in Australia and Thailand, Facebook Messenger ads have just recently gone global. Businesses all around the world are now able to use Facebook targeting to extend their reach through Messenger and create meaningful connections with their customers. If suitable and relevant to your company, using Facebook Messenger ads in your future marketing strategy will get you ahead of the game.

For more information about measuring statistics on Facebook Messenger, visit https://mobilemonkey.com/blog/facebook-messenger-statistics-facebook-messenger-marketing

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