Derricka’s Corner Marketing Trends: You Too Should YouTube and Fangirl

It’s your girl Derricka back with some new trends. Today, I’ll reveal the magic of YouTube and the art of mastering fangirling. YouTube is the second most popular search engine and my personal favorite. If you’re still using Yahoo, get with the times already! Which leads me to my next topic – fangirling. Inspired by the movie 21 jump street, fangirling is the fad of mimicking an overly obsessed teenage girl. You’ve probably witnessed this trend more often then you think – these are the girls addicted to Twilight and boy bands.


As a senior in high school this year, I’m continuing to research colleges. I mean, it’s time to plan for the future. Recently, I decided to Bing a few schools, but as I was scrolling through the endless pages of Bing trying to find information on a specific college I may want to consider applying to, I felt overwhelmed with bad options. Bing was not my friend at that moment.

So I procrastinated, and I went on YouTube and looked up a few dance dares and cinnamon challenges. Those are the best! And then it hit me like a ton bricks. YOUTUBE! YouTube is my friend – and an important marketing trend. I typed in my college of choice into the YouTube search engine and found so many videos on that college, from student’s reviews, to some funny videos of the dorm life. Unlike my Bing experience, I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my search.

YouTube can be a fantastic search engine. There is so much on there. It’s endless. I prefer to use YouTube as a search engine just because of the amount of visual real-life information I get.


The second trend that I have been doing a lot lately is “Fangirling.” Yes, it’s taking being a teenage girl to a whole new level by being a true fan. Fangirling is when you’re super excited and you gently tap your four fingers, including your pinky, on your cheeks, in a super excited way. This trend was inspired by Jonah Hill’s character in 21 Jump Street, who made the gesture in the movie.

I recently went to the Cody Simpson concert and found myself fangirling the entire time. I couldn’t help it. It was like, instinctive. What a magnificent thing it is.

Those are the trends that are currently on my mind. Enjoy.

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