#SquadGhouls. Vote for Your Favorite Wickedly Creative Costume in Orlando’s Best Halloween Costume Contest.

best costumes halloween 2017

It’s our favorite time of year, the seventh-annual Appleton Creative costume contest is back! We’re “exorcising” our creativity with these innovative DIY Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite on Facebook, and be sure to check back to find out who this year’s winner is!

DIY Halloween Contest

  1. Ashley Montgomery: Little Red Riding (in the) Hood
  2. Dolly Sanborn: Gudetama, The Lazy Egg
  3. Diana LaRue: Owl Be There for You
  4. Tori Colditz: When Life Hands You Lemons
  5. Doug Stewart: Star Power – America’s Greatest Rockstar
  6. Jennifer Graven: Doo-doo Statue
  7. Mike Speltz: Ned Stark from Game of Thrones
  8. Summer Wright: Mrs. Incredible
  9. Kelly Byrne: Sloth from The Goonies
  10. Jacob Spikes & Eric Czerwonka: French Kiss
  11. Jamie Kruger: Percy, Critical Role
  12. Kim Foran: Alice from the Brady Bunch
  13. Austin Consigny: Anime Cat
  14. Clara Winborn: Juno
  15. Derricka White: Grapes

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