Are Millennials Taking Over?

lunch and learn table

Did you know that the Baby Boomer Generation makes up 38% of the workforce? They are followed by Generation X with 32%, Generation Y with 25% and the Mature Generation making up 5% of the workforce. Do you know how to treat the four generations and what this means for your company?

A select group of Orlando CMO’s, business owners and managers gathered to attend Appleton Creative’s spring Lunch & Learn led by guest speaker Theresa Heldt. There they learned more about generations in the workplace as Heldt addressed startling statistics regarding today’s economic landscape.

Lunch & Learn guests were surprised to hear that 1/3 of U.S. workers are experiencing symptoms of depression. They also learned the traits specific to each generation. Millennials, also known as Gen-Yers, are impatient and eager, Gen Xers are self-reliant and information-rich and the Baby Boomers are idealistic and competitive. Heldt emphasized these facts, as well as taught how to capitalize on the strengths and improve the weaknesses Millennials are bringing to the table.

Heldt recommended good leadership strategies for all generations:

  • Don’t micromanage
  • Stress organizational values as a common bond
  • Provide clear goals and direction when tasks or workers are new
  • Look for ways to capture and share knowledge
  • Work on career development
  • Recognize and eliminate stereotypes and biases

Heldt is the Chief Strategist of StrategizeIt Consulting, a Limited Liability Company dedicated to providing business solutions for changing times. Heldt is an experienced consultant specializing in the areas of organizational development, operational excellence, and brand development. Heldt provides a futuristic approach with a career spanning over 20 years. She has worked with organizations including: Marriott International, United Space Alliance, Microsoft, McDonalds Corporation, Appleton Creative and the University of Central Florida. Her unique style and results-oriented training is genetically engineered to meet any company’s needs, measurably changing behaviors, and increasing profits and customer loyalty.

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