Appleton’s Passion Dives Deep into Helping the Earth and Sustainable Seafood

sustainable seafood

At Appleton, we’re committed to conserving our ecosystems and Earth’s beauty. Mike Speltz, Vice President of Videography at Appleton, and the rest of our Orlando video production team have taken the initiative to investigate how the environment is affecting our food. Our experienced videographers and editors have been applying their love for storytelling to create a documentary that educates audiences about what is sustainable seafood.

“The working title of this documentary is ‘In Search of Sustainable Seafood’ and it focuses on ways to deal with the challenges of our declining sealife due to the warming of our planet and our growing population,” Mike says. “This is not meant to be a doom and gloom documentary but on that shares the positive actions being taken to improve the situation.”

Sustainability is moving to the forefront of areas of study around the world. It is important to understand how our natural systems function together and produce what’s needed for our ecology to flourish. Practicing sustainability means making the effort to keep our environment in balance through proper economic and social development, which includes reducing the demand of natural resources and replacing what’s used in whatever way possible. We believe that understanding our current situation and what is needed  is the first step to achieving balance in the near future and for generations to come.

Every one of us can take part in improving the future of our declining seafood sources and the larger global issues we face. Two sustainable living practices many of us can contribute to are reducing plastic use and composting. Both play a large part in helping our environment maintain a healthy balance. Since this documentary focuses on seafood in particular, we spotlight that with responsible and sustainable harvesting and fishing practices, we can ensure that seafood will always be available.

To learn about what is sustainable seafood and to capture the local, national and global efforts of certified sustainable food production, our video team traveled to Alaska, Boston, California, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Mexico and New York, in addition to talking to companies from Chile and Vietnam. In recent months, we dove down 70 feet at the Catalina Sea Ranch to see the first U.S. mussel farm. We went out in the water with students from the University of Central Florida to witness their Oyster Reef Restoration Project, a project that has the Central Florida community do their part in helping the environment and restoring oyster beds in the area. We listened to scientists in Maine talk about how their waters are heating up faster than any other water on the planet. Outside of our own country, taking on a global view has been challenging and rewarding as well, and all of these experiences have been very eye-opening for our entire team.

By air, by land or sea, Appleton has the capability to shoot video on location anywhere in the world. We have several high definition editing suites that can make any project small or large very impactful. Our Orlando video production team has been hard at work with directing, creating and producing this positive sustainable seafood story. Check out this sneak peek of our documentary coming soon!

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