Appleton’s Lead Web Developer Programs “Piece of Ship” Prize-winning Game in 48 Hours

This year at the sixth annual Indie Galactic Space Jam, Appleton’s Lead Web Developer, Theory Georgiou, won 3rd place for a game he programmed in just 48 hours at the Orlando Science Center.

To support the creative spirit at this event, Georgiou acted as lead engineer for his team’s game development. The prize-winning game is called, “Piece of Ship Game III.” Piece of Ship Game is a multi-player game that takes place in a planetarium dome. Players fly in small ships to build the Bigelow Space Hotel and have to collaborate on drilling through asteroids, clearing paths, locating other space stations and supplying battery life to dead ships.

Theory Georgiou programmed the game and is the lead developer at Appleton Creative, the graphics were created by artists Anthony Bagsby who runs runs Corgi Art House, and Juan Rivera who manages the Melrose Center.. Steven Wheeler worked on audio for the game and a special thanks to Patricio Delgado for his contributions to this game.

Georgiou also took 1st place at the second Annual  Indie Galactic Space Jam, for his game “Junk Space”. Where two people pilot space ships armed with magnetic pulling devices that can attract the junk in Planet Florida’s orbit. Their goal is to collect as much junk as possible and deliver it to the shuttle. The winner is whoever delivers more junk, but players can launch junk at each other to gain an advantage.

The Indie Galactic Space Jam is an event that calls inidividuals to program a game about space given just 48 hours. This event works closely with the local space industry to foster interest and provide a fun atmosphere. After the jam, participants held an expo at the Downtown Orlando Library during their October meetup.

This event wouldn’t be possible without the event’s hosts, Indienomicon and Orlando GameSpace. Dedicated to fostering collaboration among independent web developers in Central Florida, Indienomicon hosts monthly meet ups on everything gaming. Similarly, Orlando GameSpace is a collaborative community dedicated to connecting companies with talented developers for projects. 

You can play Piece of Ship Game III as well as other game submissions from the Indie Galactic Space Jam 2019.

Prizes were awarded by Space Florida.

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