Appleton Creative Breaks Out the Capes and Masks for a Heroic Back-to-School Blast

back-to-school blast a gift for teaching

Children from low-income families are seven times more likely to drop out of school than any other income bracket in America (source). The fact of the matter is that school supplies and education costs rise every year. This isn’t an issue for many schools in America, but it spells trouble for Title 1 schools, whose population is at least 40% students from low income families. For many, the cost of school supplies is the biggest road block to receiving a quality education. A Gift for Teaching is a local nonprofit organization that helps break down that barrier by raising money to help those who can’t afford school supplies.

The Back-to-School Blast is an annual fundraising event hosted by A Gift For Teaching to benefit children in the Orlando area. Attendees became heroes for the night, leaving their alter egos at home and dawning capes and masks for the superhero-themed event. Appletonians joined guests to enjoy photo ops, giant board games, silent auctions, a wine toss and ceremony hosted by NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick. Many took their chances on a grand prize, a $20,000 car raffle voucher. The final donation amount totaled more than $176,000 to help children in need of school supplies.

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