Appleton Creative BARFs in June

apple on scale

Starting June 1, our crew of Appletonians turned up the heat and worked harder to tighten our tummies and tone up our arms and legs. To prepare for the summer months of Speedos and bikinis, for 30 days we held a Body And Reducing Fat competition, a fitness competition also called BARF if you’ve got a twisted sense of humor. Healthy, clean eating combined with a vigorous workout routine of sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, lunges and leg-lifts helped slim down our team.

There were some hard, toned competitors, but when the sweat settled, we had a winner. Halina, wife of our graphic designer and programming wizard Eric, took home the gold. Jen, our own designer and social media beast, came in second place. Combined, our crew incinerated over 50 pounds of troublesome fat. We are proud of our success and are excited to continue our healthy eating and workout regimens far beyond the month of June.

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