Appleton Builds a New Website for Walker Miller Equipment Company

Walker Miller Equipment Company is a family-owned construction equipment supplier in the Central Florida area. Not only does it sell, rent and provide repair services for equipment throughout the state of FL, Walker Miller also ships parts nationwide. Their team recently came to Appleton with the need to revamp the company’s website. With the organization’s motto being “Service is our Best Salesman,” our team was fully on board to create a site that upholds Walker Miller’s mission by making its thousands of resources easily accessible to customers.

Gathering the Nuts + Bolts

For over 60 years now, Walker Miller has been dedicated to providing excellence and quality. Through our partnership, we wanted to modernize the website while still honoring the company’s rich history. We approached this project with our unique process for web development, starting with a preliminary discovery session. It was a necessity for the new website to align with the most prominent business assets and desires. During our review, Walker Miller’s team established a number of goals they wanted the final website to achieve. A few of these visions of success were to create:

  • A user-friendly e-commerce store + checkout experience
  • Superior SEO for higher organic rankings
  • A cohesively designed, professional and unified website

Prior to its partnership with Appleton, Walker Miller’s site and e-commerce store were completely separate. In order to achieve the defined goals, the project focus was to integrate the two entities so they live under a singular domain name.

Constructing the New Site

Our team took a comprehensive approach during the redesign, ensuring that no detail was overlooked. The initial stages involved a renovated sitemap that organized the pages in a way that made everything easy to find and use. During this step, we made sure to focus on Walker Miller’s aim to create a user-friendly e-commerce journey from start to finish, and kept it top-of-mind for the rest of the redesign.

This contributed to the final product’s improved navigation. By creating a super navigation with a dropdown menu, the previously complicated product directory was transformed into a streamlined, organized layout that separates products on two levels. Not only does this create a more straightforward user experience, it also worked toward the goal of improving the site’s organic search rankings through SEO. By separating the parent pages and reworking the copy to be more customized to each product category, both users and search engines are now able to easily gather relevant information from the descriptions.

Super navigation dropdown menu from main navigation on Walker Miller’s new website.

Walker Miller’s main business is the sale of equipment and parts. With a loyal and longstanding customer base accustomed to the company’s services, these aspects needed to be readily accessible to returning users. The updated, orderly site navigation helped with this effort, but we also implemented a search function featured in the hero section of the home page so it is front and center.

Appleton imported over 60,000 products from the previous e-commerce site during the development, all of which can now be quickly found on the refreshed site. With this feature, users that know exactly what they are in search of can find it immediately. For those that are unsure, the redesigned website is still rife with information about Walker Miller Equipment Company, its background, products and services. PayPal was also integrated during the site’s development to provide customers with effortless and reliable shopping and checkout experiences.

Similarly to how Walker Miller has all the parts and pieces contractors and municipalities need to get their jobs done, our team here at Appleton possesses the scope of knowledge and expertise to fully redesign websites for our clients. This includes both heightening the functionality and performance of a site, while also enhancing its aesthetics and branding. During this project with Walker Miller, our developers and designers worked hand in hand to create something that operates as well as it visually appeals.

Above, you can see how our designers created pages that aligned with the brand’s identity, values and roots. The recognizable teal color, images of a variety of construction equipment and an overall clean layout came together to make the site visually cohesive and unified. Our team’s combined efforts ultimately led to the creation of a website that serves as both an informational tool and e-commerce store for Walker Miller.

We can nail the construction of your website too. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service Orlando advertising agency that works with local, national and international clients to deliver impressive ad campaigns, branding, print, web, public relations, social media and video services — all in-house. At Appleton, we want to learn about your business, empower your marketing team and be your creative resource. Your advertising goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-537-6352 or

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