American Fundraising Foundation Creates New Website to Offer More to Charities

American Fundraising Foundation new website

In the US, there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations. Of those organizations, some thrive while others struggle to raise necessary funds. The American Fundraising Foundation (AFF) strives to aid qualified nonprofit organizations in need through silent and live auction events. These auctions bring in the revenue needed to further an organization’s cause. American Fundraising Foundation believes that nonprofits should never have to spend money to raise money.

Appleton Creative partnered with the American Fundraising Foundation to design a new website for the nonprofit. Take a look at the site before its redesign:

old American Fundraising Foundation website

The redesign features a sleek, modern layout that features a “show and tell” experience. In combination, users gain an understanding of AFF’s services while showing its demographics and culture. A major aspect of the site is the homepage’s photo rotator ­­­— it demonstrates the need American Fundraising Foundation hopes to fill and then urges users to take part. The new site incorporates AFF’s updated brand in every aspect.

American Fundraising Foundation’s site features a responsive layout that provides a user-friendly experience regardless of device. A contemporary site with minimalistic design has been transformed to better represent the goal of AFF: to help nonprofit organizations raise the funding needed to support their causes. In addition, each page contains testimonials of first-hand experiences and photos that show, rather than tell, the importance behind each American Fundraising service.

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