Along with Books, Check Out the New Library

Orange County Library System Advertising Campaign

There is a stigma that libraries are places specifically for reading. While many libraries across the nation have tried to dispel this myth by introducing movies and music to their collections, they have struggled to gain more visitors to their branches. However, realizing the challenge at hand, the Orange County Library System enlisted the efforts of a local, full-service marketing agency, Appleton Creative, to help the residents of Orange County, Florida discover many of its lesser-known benefits beyond books. With benefits for its cardholders including everything from financial investment courses and a genealogy resource center, to 3-D printing classes, training on flight simulators and more, the Orange County Library System has something to offer for everyone.

Appleton Creative partnered with the Orange County Library System to institute a new advertising campaign focusing on both English and Hispanic audiences. The goal for the multi-platform campaign was to increase foot traffic and card registration to the Library’s 16 branches throughout Orange County by implementing a full-scale advertising campaign using both traditional and digital marketing.

The first step was to establish a captivating, creative and informative approach to the marketing campaign. The Orange County Library System wanted to develop creative that would bring the community together by utilizing the myriad of resources it offers. Traditionally, stories live within books, but the new Library has evolved and with all its new benefits, community members can write their own story. Whether they want to discover the inventor, investor, investigator or something else within themselves, the message needed to remain clear — the Orange County Library System is a place where you can write your own story over and over again in as many different ways as you can imagine. With that, the creative concept of “Discover the ______ in you. Write your story at the New Orange County Library System,” was born. To reach the wide range of target audiences, we implemented radio advertising, social media advertising, digital banner ads, geotargeted eblasts and both traditional and digital billboards.

To monitor performance and ensure goals were achieved, landing pages were designed and developed that expanded on specific messages about each variation of the “Write Your Story” creative.

Orange County Library System landing pages

Using targeted copy and specific calls-to-action, the landing pages drive visitors to begin (register for a Library card) or continue (learn more about the new resources at the Library) “their story.”

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