A Successful Marketing Campaign for an Encouraging Nonprofit

Lakewood Residential Treatment Center is a long-term care residential community with a mission to enhance the quality of life for adults with chronic mental illnesses. The center is part of the La Amistad Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1970 as a halfway house, providing services to adults with mental illnesses.

At Lakewood Center, residents are given the chance to live independently while also receiving the therapeutic support they need to enjoy their daily lives. The services provided at the community involve care coordination, therapeutic programming and counseling, supervised community living, medication management and most importantly, daily social and recreational activities.

Looking to educate its audience on the benefits provided at its campus, Lakewood Center reached out to Appleton. With years of experience working with nonprofit organizations like the Foundation for Foster Children and Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Appleton connected with the brand’s team to discuss meeting objectives, from target audiences to marketing goals.

Lakewood Center’s unique target audience is comprised of families of potential residents, clinicians and especially donors in Florida and digitally in California, Texas and New York. With these key directions in mind, Appleton developed a cross-media strategy to reach the right pockets of people at the best time and place.

The Tangible Necessities

The collateral package we put together for Lakewood Center was packed with enticing print materials for the brand to share with potential residents, donors and clinicians.

Print is a great way to have a long-standing impact with your audience. In the digital world we live in today, physical copies of beautifully primed paper now has the chance to enforce the story you want to tell your audience.

Showcasing the stunning community and its recreational activities, the pocket folder, flyer and brochure created by our designers was classic and invited consumers to take a peek at what the extraordinary facility has to offer its residents. Throughout the print materials, we added graphics such as the Lakewood Center logo and a graceful palm tree , a visual element to its branding. This made the team’s official communications appear professional and distinctive.

Another great way to build the Lakewood Center brand awareness? Event trade show banners! Banners help draw crowds in especially if they’re visually attractive. When designing our client’s banners, the main goal was to showcase Lakewood Center’s extensive property and services in action.

Because print collateral is more effective with a complementary digital campaign, our expert digital team created a targeted Google Ads campaign for the brand.

The Harmonious Google Ads Campaign

The Lakewood Center Google Ads campaign was focused on targeting the larger metro areas in Florida using keywords relevant to the services Lakewood Center supplied for individuals suffering from chronic mental illness. The campaign length spanned three months. The interested visitors were driven to a unique landing page our team strategically designed where they would find valuable information and submit a form for more information.

The overall conversion rate has been 5.48%, higher than the average Google Ads campaigns conversion rate of 4.04%.

Telling a Story with Video

Video means you can communicate with your audience in a more personal way. So, to get personal, our client invited our video team to shoot at the Lakewood Residential Treatment Center campus. This included shooting the campus from the ground and the air with a drone. Utilizing the staff in some of the locations, we shot some of their homes along with dining and community areas.

There’s a lot that goes into a successful marketing campaign and every aspect has to have a tactic to accomplish the goals. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing and advertising agency located in Orlando, Florida. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to deliver custom content, persuasive online ads and expertly crafted campaigns. By implementing valuable and shareable digital content strategies, Appleton can create the perfect social and digital marketing experience for your brand and audience. Your Internet advertising goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or info@appletoncreative.com.

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