A Marketing Makeover That Benefits the Environment

marketing makeover for Bella Mademoiselle

Where beauty meets sustainability is Bella Mademoiselle Cosmetic’s specialty. With a wide range of eco-friendly products, Bella Mademoiselle works to protect the environment while offering the best in beauty care.

Beginning with audience identification, our beauty branding agency pinpointed who would best benefit from Bella Mademoiselle’s product line. We determined that worldly, fashionable young women and men are the prime target, and we’re implementing several strategies with that insight in mind. 

The unified brand began with cohesive logos for Bella Mademoiselle’s two markets. One logo design represents its premier product line and the other represents Bella Mademoiselle’s environmentally-conscious line of organic products. Featuring a simple font and refined color scheme, both logos convey the sophistication of Bella Mademoiselle’s identity. True to the brand, these logos don’t rely on excessiveness to capture attention. Instead, they provide viewers with a sense of high-class quality.

Bella Mademoiselle Logos

To complement the logos, we created a tagline, “Redefining Natural Beauty,” and associated messaging. These pieces succinctly describe Bella Mademoiselle’s goal to transform beauty product standards by moving toward a more sustainable method of manufacturing.

As Bella Mademoiselle’s beauty branding agency, we’re eager to begin the next portion of our work. With logos and messaging complete, a photoshoot featuring Bella Mademoiselle’s products with our new logos is scheduled. These photos will be used in targeted social media marketing campaigns developed by our digital team.

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