Beacon College Unveils Their New Branding

A rising number of college students with learning disabilities are enrolling into four-year universities. Yet, few of these students are likely to get the level of attention and encouragement offered by Beacon College, the only accredited non-profit college offering both bachelor and associate degrees exclusively for highly intelligent students with learning disabilities and ADHD. At Beacon, students learn the strategies and confidence needed to reach their goals.

Appleton Creative was recently tasked to design Beacon’s collateral materials starting with their college view book and direct mail search piece. Our challenge: to modernized Beacon’s current marketing materials and create a more youthful appeal, while maintaining their professionalism and academic appearance.

To start, we used the bright, bold colors from their new Appleton Creative logo and high-res pictures of campus and student life to capture the reader’s attention and visually tell Beacon’s story. Next, we designed their materials with student’s impairments and disabilities in mind.  For example, students with dyslexia have problems reading materials with harsh contrasting colors. In our design, we used colors that help to make the text more legible. In addition, to appeal to students with ADHD, we created a clear, organized, and uncluttered layout to lessen distractions and keep readers focused.

Appleton is currently in the process of designing and programming Beacon’s new website. The site is a continuum of the multi-faceted branding campaign. On top of strategic and intuitive design, the site will include video testimonials of success stories and tools to help students reach their full potential. Make sure to read our blog for updates on Beacon’s website launch.

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