Beacon College Goes Responsive

You learn something new everyday.

While we most certainly never stop learning, some of us gain and retain knowledge in vastly different ways. Students with learning disabilities for instance, benefit from alternative teaching methods that focus on the unique ways in which they process information. Few understand how to do this as well as Beacon College, an accredited university whose mission is to offer academic degree programs to students with learning disabilities.

Serving students with learning disabilities means Beacon College must pay close attention to their web and collateral designs. For instance, students with dyslexia have problems reading materials with harsh contrasting colors, and ADHD students benefit from clear, organized and uncluttered layouts to help them focus on the content.

To best reflect their message and cater to their students, Beacon College recently worked with Appleton Creative to design their new responsive website and begin regular website maintenance services. With a focus on clear typography and cool color choices, Appleton created a responsive layout design that makes the Beacon site easily legible to their students and accessible to all regardless of device.

Beacon College is a longtime Appleton Creative client and friend. Last year, Appleton Creative’s Awareness Gallery hosted “Lighting the Way,” an exhibit featuring original art pieces from Beacon College students and faculty. All proceeds from the event went towards creating scholarships for students majoring in the new Studio Art discipline.

We’re excited for Beacon College’s continued success and their new responsive website. Check it out here: Beacon College

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