Audio Tips That Are Music to Our Ears

Tips for Working with Audio in Ads

Audiences may not realize it, but something that usually goes unnoticed in ads is the music. This lack of acknowledgement may actually prove to be a good thing. That’s because when sound is done right, it seamlessly blends into the surrounding content which often causes it to be overlooked. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s common to believe that video is the most important factor in pre-production. On the contrary, this philosophy can be detrimental if one is creating sound from scratch because audio is usually much more difficult to fix in post-production. Evidently, working with sound is no easy process, which is why your safest option is to hire professionals. Even if you do collaborate with specialists, the following tips will give you a better understanding of what goes into working with audio.

Types of Sound


Selecting voice over talent is one of the most significant decisions, especially for radio spots. Before selecting talent, it’s beneficial to hear different varieties of their best work. Once chosen, you can then offer as much direction as you’d like for the end result to best reflect your vision. It’s important to keep in mind that everything from style to gender can affect the way your concept is perceived. As far as styles go, here are some examples of different categories:

The Announcer: This is the typical voice one may hear on the radio. This type of delivery can often be used for trailers or advertisements.

The Narrator: Unlike the announcer, narrators are often less flashy and more friendly, yet still retain an authoritative voice.

The Actor: Actors are the most flexible when it comes to voice overs because they can transform their inflections effortlessly. This type of delivery is ideal for storytelling.

The Girl/Guy Next Door: This style comes across as approachable and slightly casual. This type of voice over works best for subtle persuasion and character work.

If you’re working with a professional team, understanding the differences will allow you to have a hand in the creative process.


Music in ads has the power to strongly influence your audience’s emotions. The genre of music, whether it contains lyrics and even volume can dictate how audio affects the content because certain elements are liable to distract viewers from voice overs, or even the video itself. Obeying copyright laws is also something you need to keep in mind. A foolproof way to avoid any legal disputes is to work with a production team because they have libraries full of music to select from. Depending on the project, you may even want to hire a composer to create an original piece. Besides the technicalities, the best advice when picking music is to choose something that can speak to your audience, reinforce your concept or in the end, simply feels right.


Sound effects are like the cherry on top of anything involving audio. They’re optimal in improving a scene because they emphasize the action that’s taking place. Like music, the easiest way to assure the proper sound effects will be implemented is to rely on production experts. It’s also common for Foley artists to customize sound for specific projects, especially in film. Novices may tend to forget that they should utilize sound effects when editing audio, but professionals recognize that adding these secondary details can truly enhance the final product.

As evidenced, there’s great deal that goes into music in ads, whether it’s a radio spot or accompanying video. Owning the proper equipment and fully understanding how to operate it is crucial when creating any type of sound. If you’re a beginner at managing audio, it will be in your best interest to hire an expert to ensure your project’s success. With this insightful knowledge, you know what to be aware of the next time you’re working with audio.

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