Are You Keeping Up with Your Website’s Upkeep?

Often, companies hire a firm to maintain their site but end up paying a retainer for services that they never use. Even worse, companies that hold clients on a retainer often have “out of scope” web development costs that pop up when you actually need work done.

So why pay for what you don’t need? Appleton offers multiple tiers of monthly web maintenance packages so you can choose (and pay for) services that your business will actually use.

Monthly maintenance services can include making edits on your site, researching blog content, keeping your social media up to date, converting video to a web-friendly format, developing online marketing strategies, and more. We currently provide monthly web maintenance services for Seaside BankDean MeadTavistock GroupKids Beating Cancer and Barney Butter, to name a few.

In addition to web maintenance, we can also help your rankings with SEO and social marketing. We offer initial site optimization that includes market research, reputation management, copy optimization, creating SEO friendly links, running Google Analytics, and custom written metas including title tags, descriptions and keywords for each page. As a monthly follow-up, we provide ongoing content research and optimization, continued market analysis, a monthly marketing report – and we even monitor your search engine rankings for you.

Do you have a website, but do not have the time to update it as often as you should? Appleton Creative can help! We offer monthly website maintenance to take care of upkeep for you. Give us a call at 407-246-0092 x7# or email to find out what Appleton Creative can do for you.

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