April Fools’! 5 Great Pranks to Pull at The Office

April Fools’ jokes are good for just about any day. Just proceed with caution, and keep your eyes peeled for those seeking revenge. Here are 5 great pranks to pull at the office for April Fools’:

1. You’ve Got Mail!

Difficulty: Easy

Result: A bit of paranoia

Have you ever thought you heard your email “ding” with an incoming mail sound notification, just to find out it was all in your head? For this prank, you will need a Bluetooth speaker and access to YouTube. Simply place the speaker hidden on your coworker’s desk and play the noise. Watch from afar as they frantically check their email every time you hit play.

Here is the notification audio you can play from Outlook. If you use Slack or a different messaging software, just search for the sound on YouTube — and make sure the ad is on silent.

2. The Broken Mouse 

Difficulty: Easy

Result: Calling IT

When working in an office, you fly through batteries especially the ones in your wireless computer mouse. However, that won’t be the case with this prank. Simply place a piece of tape on the sensor (located on the bottom of the mouse) and watch your coworkers attempt to scroll with no success.

For added confusion, mix and match mice from a different desk. This one might take them a while to figure out, so be sure to keep track of where each mouse belongs so you don’t become hated by your peers.

3. The Unresponsive Desktop

Difficulty: Medium

Result: Calling IT, again

The first step is to gain access to your coworker’s computer and take a screenshot of their desktop. Next, move all their folders on the desktop into one folder and place that in documents. Make the screenshot their new desktop background, and sit back!

Try not to laugh as your coworker furiously clicks away at their screen, not understanding why the buttons and shortcuts don’t work!

4. The Phantom Paperclip

Difficulty: Medium

Result: A Little Bit of Paranoia

Put a single paper clip on the office’s copier and print a few pages, resulting in the silhouette of a paperclip on some of the pages. Randomly insert the sheets back into the paper tray and enjoy the resulting anger and confusion from your coworkers. Bonus points if it leads to a crazed search through the paper tray.

5. That’s a Wrap!

Difficulty: Hard

Result: Unexpected Gift Giving

While these are all great ideas, the last prank is a classic. The last prank on the list involves wrapping paper and tape. It might take you a few hours, but the reaction on your co-worker’s face will be like a kid on Christmas — literally. All you do is take some wrapping paper leftover from Christmas and tape it everywhere and anywhere you can. By the end of it all, the office should be turned into a Christmas present wonderland!

If you attempt any of these pranks, be sure to record your coworker’s reactions and share them with us on social media!

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