Appleton’s Must-Download iPhone and Android Apps

It’s no secret that our team at Appleton loves technology. As a group that spends many hours staring at screens, we’re always on the lookout for new mobile apps that can make our workday more entertaining and productive. We decided to ask our fellow Appletonians which apps are on the top of their must list.

Our creative team has spoken. Check out Appleton’s favorite iPhone apps:

Highly Recommended

  • ColorSplash— This easy-to-use app turns parts of photos black and white while leaving the rest in color.
  • Crazy Shodo— Practice Japanese calligraphy drawing skills with this app. It’s harder than you think, but in a fun, strangely addictive way.
  • Spark People— Enjoy this diet and exercise-tracking app that we think is a successful fitness assistant.


  • Dragon Dictation— The app transcribes your voice into text with accuracy and efficiency. It’s a lot faster than typing and it can send your message to e-mail.
  • Beat the Traffic— You receive traffic alerts by email and in the app on your specific routes, like I-4.
  • Dropbox— This app holds files of your choice in a cloud space accessible by phone and computer and, by your invite, allows others to access the files.

And we can’t live without our social apps:

  • Facebook
  • Pandora
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

And, after all the work is done, we enjoy unwinding with the following entertaining apps:

  • Draw Something— Like Pictionary, you draw pictures and a friend has to guess the subject of your drawing
  • ESPN— Of course, it’s football season. Keep up with all of your favorite teams around the world.
  • IMDb Trivia— How well do you know your movies? For all those movie-lovers out there, put your knowledge with this free time spender/waster app.

Here at Appleton, the majority of the team uses an iPhone. However, we do have one extra special Android user in the crowd. Take a look at these recommended Android apps:


  • Google Drive – Use Google services, including Gmail and Google Docs, to store your files across all your devices in a cloud. You can even take a photo of printed text and convert it to a Google document.


  • Memento Database— Catalog books, games, DVD’s or whatever you want. The app hooks into the barcode scanner for easy data-entry.
  • FeedR— It’s a simple, fast RSS reader. It is a great way to keep up with all your news, industry, and LOLcat sites.


  • Alchemy— You have only four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Combine them to make more than 300 new elements. You can create Life or even Vampires!
  • ZipList— This recipe app also builds shopping lists and works with your desktop account, so you can clip recipes at home and then shop for the ingredients.

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