Appleton Teaches Bridges of Light Foundation Foster Children How to Market a Product

Four of the Appleton Creative team went back to school to teach the art of our creative craft to elementary, middle and high school students at Bridges of Light Foundation’s summer program. With marketing strategies from Appletonians in their back pockets, each child at Great Oaks Village invented a product idea and used real world applications to bring it to fruition.

Founded in 2004, Bridges of Light Foundation supports children who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or at-risk in the Central Florida foster care system. With the mission to bring hope and encourage bright futures, the organization raises funds that will directly advance the education of these youth.

During a six-week summer program, the Bridges of Light Foundation instructed each child to imagine an invention. Each week the organization brought in local guest speakers to guide them through the development process. Their revolutionary product or idea was established with topics on invention, product design, business planning, patenting, marketing and investing.

Four Appletonians had the pleasure of attending Bridges of Light Foundation’s summer program to lend their marketing and creative expertise. The children gained valuable knowledge about logos, taglines, branding, target audiences and how/where to sell their products. Some of our favorite highly creative inventions included a sweater with temperature control, an omelet machine and a robot that finds items in your purse. Appleton thanks Bridges of Light Foundation for allowing us to be part of illuminating the light bulbs over the heads of young minds.

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