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“Creativity is directing the world.” – Diana LaRue

Orange Appeal, a Central Florida-based magazine for professional women, recently had its May event. This month’s program centered on sparking creativity and innovation and as a leader in this very subject, Appleton’s CEO and Creative Director, Diana LaRue, was the guest speaker at the sold-out event.

“Creativity is related to imagination, whereas innovation is related to implementation.” Along with defining creativity and innovation, Diana explained what is conducive to creativity: ambient noise, the color green, peppermint (which promotes alertness) and an altered state of consciousness, often from REM sleep. Using personal anecdotes and wisdom she’s gained as an industry professional, Diana shared her knowledge with the group.

Diana took the audience through the three ages of the modern world: the Agricultural Age, the Industrial Age and the theoretical Imagination Age where creativity becomes the primary producer of economic value. She explained that the consumer attention span is less than a goldfish — only eight seconds and that CEOs list creativity as the most valued skill, according to a U.S. News poll. Diana also suggested creating vision boards with images of life goals or inspiring quotes to motivate themselves and others. Through imagery and inspiring stories, Diana sparked creativity in everyone who attended.

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