Appleton is Pepped to Introduce Trinity Prep

Trinity Preparatory School logo

Appleton Creative is excited to introduce our newest client, Trinity Preparatory School, a college preparatory school for students in grades six through 12, located in Winter Park, Florida. Appleton created a brand guide featuring new logos that Trinity Prep will use to maintain a consistent brand and further position itself as a premier secondary school in Central Florida.

Founded in 1966, Trinity Prep’s mission is to develop a foundation for individuals to excel in college and in life, to contribute to their communities, to lead in a changing society and to grow spiritually. The school’s unwavering dedication to educational excellence, leadership and character development, and individual spirituality is what sets Trinity Prep apart from other college preparatory schools in the nation.

Trinity Prep’s new comprehensive brand guide will be used to help standardize the school’s look and communications across all mediums, both internally and within the community. The thorough brand guide features a refresh of the current logo and the creation of new families of logos for school departments, social media, school pride and administration. In addition, we developed primary and secondary color palettes for the organization to use when publishing different types of media. The brand guide also includes school brand fonts, brand positioning content and writing style guidelines to use. Through consistent logo and brand imagery, Trinity Prep’s communication will be unvarying and solid, further reinforcing its mission to strive for excellence in everything the school does.

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