Appleton Hosts Zebra Coalition Fundraiser

Appleton Creative wants to thank everyone who came out last night to support the Zebra Coalition Fundraiser at our Appleton home. With your help, the organization raised funds to support Central Florida’s LGBTQ youth. The Zebra Coalition is comprised of many local organizations that assess and support youth in need of shelter, emotional or spiritual guidance, medical services, or education—regardless of their personal, economic or social circumstances.

Recently, The Coalition acquired a new location on North Mills, known as the Zebra House, which will serve as office space, meeting space and a drop-in center. Much of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards the new facility. For updates on the Zebra House grand opening, visit Zebra Coalition’s blog and Facebook for more information.

Congratulation again on such an successful event. We can’t wait for Zebra Coalition to unveil their new home! Don’t forget to checkout Appleton’s Facebook for photos from the event.

If you would like to learn more about the Zebra Coalition volunteering opportunities or make a financial contribution visit Zebra’s website,

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