Appleton Creative Unveils the 1st Infographic in Series: Play Orlando

Here at Appleton, we’re proud to say we work and live in a city full of rich, vibrant culture. To give back to our beloved community, we collaborated with the city to design an infographic centered on the city of Orlando’s slogan: Live, Work, and Play. Today, we’re excited to reveal our first installment of the three part series. Play Orlando is the first data visualization to highlight O-town’s most distinctive and overlooked recreational features. We hope you enjoy! Like Appleton Creative on Facebook to make sure you see the next two infographics in the series.

If you’re not familiar with our agency, Appleton Creative is an Orlando-based, award-winning, boutique agency that provides marketing solutions through web, video, and print—all in-house. For the past 25 years, we’ve been a key player in the Orlando metropolitan area through working, volunteering, and mentoring with our cities residents. Around town, we’re known for our generous spirit and love for the community. Designing the Orlando’s infographic series is just one of the many initiatives we support. To learn more about our company’s philosophy, please visit

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