Appleton Creative shoots ICCA Summit in Seattle!

Recently, Appleton Creative had the pleasure to work with the International Corporate Chefs Association and Executive Director Kevin Ryan at their recent Summit in Seattle. Appleton’s Video Director Mike Speltz traveled to capture the entire Summit on video. The Summit featured many interesting individuals that work within the food industry, but one special guest “caught” our attention!

Captain Sig Hansen was on hand from Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.” He talked to ICCA members about the challenges of fishing for King Crab and life at sea, and how drastically the age-old economic principle of supply and demand affects his life. Being on a reality show means Sig has lots of experience with video crews, and he told our crew about how real “Deadliest Catch” really is. The show’s producers even hire a different video crew for each season of the show so the fisherman do not get too comfortable.

Mike had a great time shooting this interview and the rest of the Summit, and looks forward to it next year!

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