Appleton Creative Presents The Winter Applympics 2014

Appleton Applympics Office Olympics 2014

Get in the winning spirit!

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics festivities inspired the Appletonians to take part in their own Olympic, office-inspired games—the Applympics! The terrain was rough, the tasks were challenging and the winter weather intense (Florida, we love you). Participants endured while competing for the best type of gold known to man—a years worth of office bragging rights!

Appletonians were split into three apple-colored teams: Yellow, Red and Green. The first event pitted individuals representing each team against one another in a good ole fashion office chair race. Racers spun around in place 10 times before taking off around the track. It was a close race, but Team Green prevailed.

The next activity involved one of the most common and highly regarded office activities—throwing paper balls into a trashcan. The teams were given paper corresponding with their team color to ball up and throw into the can from beyond the arc. After the allotted time, the team with the most paper balls in the can was named victor. Team Yellow took this one home.

The third game was the Sticky Note Challenge. Two team members were to stick as many sticky notes possible on the third member before time ran out. Strategy was key and each team’s tactics varied. Team Yellow ended up with a total of 116 notes, Team Red got 133 and Team Green, the winner, had a whopping 146 sticky notes.

The final event, the Agency Life Relay, was the most challenging of all. With Team Green ahead, Yellow needed the win to tie and Red didn’t want to finish the games empty handed. The tension was thick. The race measured how well Account Managers, Graphic Designers and Project Managers work together.

Account Managers raced around the track to pick up work orders from the client to bring back to Project Managers. Project Managers then led blindfolded Graphic Designers to pick up their designs. Once back with the design in tow, Project Managers had to guide blindfolded Graphic Designers in gluing the designs into the correct layout on a blank paper before finally giving the finished product to the Account Manager. Account Managers then returned the finished design to the client to complete the relay.

Once again, the Green Team finished with gold, for the final event and the Applympics as a whole. But here at Appleton Creative, we’re all winners. We would like to congratulate all of our participants.

Thanks everyone, see you all next Olympics!

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