Appleton Creative Hosts Great Oaks Career Day!

Last week, five of the children from Great Oaks Foster Home visited for a career day at Appleton Creative. Great Oaks is a state-run facility that fosters children who have no one in their immediate or extended families to care for them. The children that visited ranged from age 7 to 15. Great Oaks provides counseling, independent living preparation, and educational services for the kids.

Renee Schneider, head of the “ArtWorks” program at Great Oaks, supervised the activities for the day. The program is for children of all ages, and encourages the kids to unleash their inner creativity. Appleton’s Creative Director Diana LaRue has been assisting with some of the program’s art classes since 2007 and mentors two of the children at Great Oaks.

During the course of the day, the children learned about the role Appleton Creative plays in branding and advertising for other companies. They toured the web, print and video departments at our facility and talked to the artists, programmers and editors about their daily duties. The children also learned the importance of having an education in their area of expertise.

Appleton designers headed up an in-house photo shoot of all the children and held a writing session with them to create inspirational words or quotes that reflected their feelings. The kids were then paired up with other designers to apply artistic effects to their photos to match the mood of their inspirational copy.

The career day was a great success and ended in a pizza party for the kids. The team at Appleton looks forward to their next visit!

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