Appleton Creates Stunning Collateral Featuring New Intermodal Terminal Facility at Orlando International Airport

orlando international airport portfolio brochures

Appleton Creative was delighted to work with Orlando International Airport to produce dynamic collateral featuring the new Intermodal Terminal Facility and other great improvements. The purpose of these brochures is to showcase the milestones Orlando International Airport has achieved and plans to achieve in terms of innovation, customer service, sustainability and community collaboration, as well as to display the airport’s 2014 financial highlights.

The collateral includes high-resolution photographs and renderings that capture the essence of the airport’s modernized interior as well as its exquisitely architected exterior. The main brochure features a removable insert that folds open into a projected timeline of future renovations and projects planned for the airport, accompanied by captivating imagery. Among the projects presented in the insert are the South Airport Automated People Mover Complex and the Intermodal Terminal Facility. Both are part of the airport’s Capital Improvement Plan, a five-year program from 2013 to 2018, meant to upgrade and create new facilities that will maintain an excellent customer service standard for all travelers.

With the increasing abundance of travelers visiting the city of Orlando and its attractions each year, these proficiently crafted brochures will keep Orlando International Airport at the forefront of travel in the United States and around the world.

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