Annual Reports – Time to Wrap It Up

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With the end of the year approaching, companies are beginning to consider how to communicate their accomplishments to their stakeholders, and in some cases, customers. It can be daunting to place a year’s worth of milestones, statistics and events into an easy-to-read format. Don’t let your annual report be a template full of tedious financial information. Recently, brands are using annual reports to promote themselves in creative ways.

Check out these four brands that turned the conventional idea of annual reports upside down:

1. Warby Parker

Hard facts and figures aren’t everything. Consider the eyeglass brand Warby Parker who used their report to bid farewell to a summer intern. This annual report led to three consecutive days of record-high sales.

2. MailChimp

Integrating interactive elements such as digital animation and video can set your company apart from its competitors. MailChimp’s annual report provided a unique behind-the-scenes look into the company’s culture.

3. Kickstarter

Through captivating design and carefully crafted copy, your annual report can be an exciting way to keep your stakeholders updated. In the case of crowd funding platform Kickstarter, there are many, many stakeholders. Their annual report features the accomplishments of both start-ups, artists and other individuals who have utilized their site to raise money for projects.

4. Charity:Water

Highlighting employees, boasting statistics and sharing case studies are all unique ways to tell your company’s story. Charity:Water used this technique to update supporters on their mission.

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