American Lung Association Aiming For $3,000 Goal in Two Months With Help From Appleton Creative

American Lung Fight for Air



Bringing the fight for healthy air to the community

Orlando, FL. – April 14, 2014 – The American Lung Association (ALA) launches fundraising effort with a goal of $3,000 in two months with the design and launch directed by Appleton Creative.

The American Lung Association has partnered with all 24 locations of Florida Hospital, Hawkers Asian Street Fare, the Allergy Asthma Specialists of Central Florida, and Pulmonary Medicine Associates to achieve their goal. The campaign will run in various test markets throughout Florida during April and May 2014, and once successful may be launched nationwide. One hundred percent of the profits raised will go back to the American Lung Association to help fight battles against lung cancer, asthma, influenza, tobacco use, air pollution and more. All proceeds go directly to community programs that prevent lung disease and promote lung health. Those Central Florida-specific programs include the Lung Cancer Support Group, Better Breathers Clubs, Asthma 101, and Open Airways for Schools.

“We’re looking forward to the success of this campaign and are proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far for the Association,” said ALA’s Program Manager Lynn Penyak. “This is another great way to show the community how they can help and how much the fight for healthy air matters. We’re all so thankful to be working with such an incredible team at Appleton Creative.”

Appleton Creative designed the decal to depict the message and mission of the American Lung Association. The tagline used in the decal evokes a personal struggle for breath, injecting passion and determination into the cause. It reminds us that when you join the American Lung Association in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air, you help people suffering today and keep America healthy tomorrow. All work done by Appleton Creative for the American Lung Association is performed gratis.

“Our team has a huge heart when it comes to helping our community,” Appleton Creative’s Creative Director Diana LaRue stated. “We are happy to be helping the American Lung Association and look forward to continuing the campaign and the fight for air on the national stage.”

According to Nonprofit Quarterly, checkout charity campaigns1 are becoming an increasingly common way for nonprofits to raise funds. They also allow corporations to contribute to good causes. A combined total of more than $358 million was raised in 2012, and over $2.3 billion in the previous 29 years, through checkout campaigns1.

Businesses interested in supporting the American Lung Association in the sale of decals, please contact Lynn Penyak, Program Manager, at or (407) 425-5864.

About American Lung Association

The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through Education, Advocacy and Research. With the generous support of the public, we are “Fighting for Air.” When you join the American Lung Association in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air, you help save lives today and keep America healthy tomorrow.

About Appleton Creative

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American Lung Association of Central Florida Contact:

Lynn Penyak
851 Outer Road
Orlando, Florida 32814

Appleton Creative Contact:

Amy Wise
539 Delaney Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801
407-246-0092 7#


[1] Cause Marketing Forum:

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